Mount Dora Bikes


Best Club Ever!

It's universal. That feeling you get the second you get on a bike. Suddenly you're invincible and all your cares melt away....

Now you can dial into these feels for just pennies a day. Take in our sweet little town, feel the wind on your face, and get some exercise without even realizing it. 

'Cuz when it's fun, it's not like work.

Our bikes are downtown and ready for you to gO gO gO! Whenever you want! Where ever you want to gO!

And you'll NEVER have to worry about air in your tires ever again!

We take care of the bikes so all you have to do is feel the glee!

Now's the time to channel your inner 5th grader!

Get up to 2 hours of riding a day, every day for a year, for our ridiciulously low priced annual plan. You'll be able to hop on a bike before work, take a ride at lunch to get all the cobwebs out of your head, or swing down to the lighthouse and breathe in one of gorgeous sunsets! The possibilities are endless....

Get your ride going now! Seriously....you'll be glad you did!

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Compare that to our $7 / half hour street rate! Dang!