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​​​​​​​Picture this: You're heading to Mount Dora with your honey to take in all the charm our sweet town has to offer. Strolling around in all our neat shops, delicious eats at one of our many enchanting restaurants, and then BAM! you're itching for adventure. We've got you covered! Grab a couple of our bikes and take a spin around town. See our town with the wind on your face. We promise you and your honey will sPaRkLe!


2 Days  |  2 consecutive hours per day

$56 VALUE!




365 days  |  2 hours /  day

Quick Spin!


We crafted this plan espcially for our out of town guests. We're proud of our little piece of heaven and want you to feel the freedom of meeting it up close, on the seat of a bike but without the worry of hourly fees. For up to 2 hours per day, for seven days, you can unlock one of our cruisers and take a spin through town, uncovering one local gem after another. Weeeeeee!


This is an awesome plan for locals or frequent visitors. For pennies a day, our annual plan gives you the freedom and flexibility to ride anytime without the worry of racking up regular hourly fees. Now you'll be able to come downtown and pick up a bike whenever the spirit moves you, or as part of your dedicated fitness routine.

For up to 2 hours a day, for a whole year, you can breeze through our sweet town with a smile on your face knowing you've done something really good for your soul. We promise smiles and a spring in your step! 

Get your ride going today! Tropical breezes await!

Now you can ride without a care in the world! 

Pick a ride plan and go for a spin. Any time. Any day. 

It's like having your own bike waiting for you at our dock station in downtown Mount Dora. You'll be able to scoop up and breeze through our sweet little town with the ease of a 5th-grader.

No worries about loading your own bike onto the car, filling tires and maintaining one random thing after another. Our bikes are waiting and at the ready for you in the heart of downtown Mount Dora. All shiny, bright and ready to roll!

That gives you time for a great daily workout. OR a nice bike ride before and after lunch / dinner!

Get your exercise in while enjoying the beauty of Mount Dora with the wind in your hair!

Pick your plan below.

Grab a bike anytime!

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Have a group or company?


This is the same awesome plan for locals or frequent visitors as our Hometown Plan, but with a kick! We offer extra perks like group rides, adventure maps and fun meetups. You'll be part of what makes Mount Dora so special before you know it!

And for a limited time, we're offering it for a steal!


We're all about growing our ride club, so if you have your own group or company of 5 or more, come onboard! We offer special incentives for organizers. Click on thru and we'll get you going!

Best Deal!

Best Deal!

Ride Club Fun!


In town for the week? This is your answer. Enjoy our town like a local. Grab a bike and take your coffee for a ride to the lighthouse, or any of our other beautiful waterside locations, for some morning zen time. Or pack up some wine and snacks and picnic in front of one of our famous Mount Dora Sunsets. You can do this and so much more with the flexibility of our By The Week Plan. Save money. Fill your cup!

For up to 2 hours a day, for a week, you'll get to know all our special spots in town...just like a local!

Go grab your snacks and get a bike!



7 days  |  2 hours /  day